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First Solar Experience - SCSP A+

The overall process from meeting with Jon Mason and discussing the alternative to deciding on the layout to installation and go live was a seamless experience. Tayler kept me informed and up to date on the process and communicated very well. My HOA was the only hiccup and SCSP did a great job working with them to get the project approved. Installation took one day and the inspector from the town was very impressed with the craftmanship and tying the electrical in on the side of the house so that it was not easily seen but secure. The inspector mentioned that a lot of jobs are sloppy, but raved about this one! Dominion came out quickly and we are live! Looking forward to project 2…the battery!

Great people and great company to work with

I was skeptical about buying into Solar for residential and Nick was very patient and helpful with answering all the questions I had and was transparent about the whole process. For people getting into Solar, I recommend you do your own research and dont shy asking questions and good companies like SCSP Solar would answer all your questions without reservations. Its been 2 months since I had Solar and so far I am satisfied with the production. Given i had my solar installed towards end of summer, I am surely expecting an increase in production in the summers. No customer is obliged to purchase solar from any given company. but do get an appointment with SCSP solar and get insight on what Solar grid can offer you. Cheers!

Solar Review

The service was exactly as advertised. I am very pleased with the overall installation of the panels and the subsequent follow ups to make sure the equipment is working well. Overall the representative I spoke with was straight forward and patient. I recommend this company for their workmanship and overall eagerness to make sure the panels are working as soon as possible. I’ve heard of others companies/installers taking months to complete the install.

Couldn't be happier

My wife and I spoke with a number of solar companies before we connected with SCSP Solar. Switching to solar can be a daunting process, but it was obvious to us from the first meeting that SCSP Solar had their act together and knew what they were doing. They designed a system that was not only tailored to meet our specific energy needs but also sits discretely on the southern exposure of our roof so that it’s hardly even noticeable. The SCSP team worked with us every step of the way, from system design to filing all the paperwork to installation, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The system works as advertised, and we are already seeing a HUGE reduction in our electricity bill. The app used to monitor the system is easy to use and allows us to monitor the system performance any time we want. We enthusiastically recommend SCSP Solar to anyone interested in switching to solar.

As promised

With an abundance of choices for solar installers, sorting out and selecting “the” one is a challenge. Understandably, they all promote that they have the best value, components, service, installation…best everything. After listening to and reading a number of proposals, researching system components and capabilities, comparing costs and financing, in the end, selecting a company is an act of faith in their integrity and performance. SCSP has a great team and product. They are good communicators and have skilled crews. They were on time and task throughout the entire process. So far so good with SCSP.


The power is in your hands.

SCSP is a full-service residential and commercial solar provider committed to delivering a personalized experience through tailored solutions. We help customers take advantage of renewable energy while saving money and enhancing curb appeal.

Educate, advise, activate and maintain.

Family-owned and operated, SCSP leverages 30+ years of combined expertise in clean energy. Our certified designers build custom systems to meet your needs all while delivering a hassle-free experience. We offer extensive warranties that cover the life of the system providing you with peace of mind. We’re with you every step of the way from education to installation and beyond.

Sophisticated design for premium performance.

We work with selective manufacturers who supply sleek, award-winning equipment that outperform the industry standard. Our partners are industry experts committed to innovation and efficiency. We carefully select products that maximize power performance, enhance aesthetics and minimize environmental impact. Our reliable equipment saves you money now and for decades to come.
Save more today than ever before.

The government heavily incentivizes homeowners to install solar panels,making it easier than ever. All of our systems qualify for 30% U.S. federal tax credit, and additional rebates and incentives may also be available depending on the state you live in. Our solar designers are happy to walk you through the details.