How much does it cost to switch to solar?

Due to the assistance from the federal and state government, the program is $0 down so you don’t pay a penny out of pocket!

How expensive is it to own solar?
In most cases it’s actually cheaper to own solar than it is to consume electricity from a utility company. In other words, if you can afford your power bill, you can ditch it for a cheaper solar bill.
Does solar increase the value of my home?

Yes, dollar for dollar, solar will increase the value of your home more than remodeling the kitchen or building an extension. Based on the Department of Energy’s study of thousands of home sales, solar was shown to increase home value by at least $15,000.

What is the life expectancy of solar equipment?
A typical solar system will last 35-40 years. All our system equipment comes with a 25-year warranty, including a 25-year production guarantee to ensure maximum system performance.
Can the solar installation damage my roof?

No, the installation process is incredibly secure,and we warranty every roof against leaking or damage.

What happens if I sell my home?

Homes with solar sell 20% faster than homes without across the nation. Also, solar causes your home to have a higher sticker price; Berkeley Labs and the Department of Energy have concluded a typical home’s value will increase by at least $15,000. All warranties and agreement are easily transferable to the next homeowner.

Do solar panels require a lot of maintenance?
Solar panels require very little maintenance. Washing your panels even isn’t necessary for them to produce. Rainfall and wind are enough to keep them shining in the sun. Each customer also receives a 25-year manufacturer warranty, as well as an industry-leading workmanship warranty.
Can I install solar if I have an HOA?

Many HOA communities have proactively embraced solar for their residents as a way for homeowners to reduce their energy costs and take more control over their household. Some states have even adopted policies prohibiting HOA’s from preventing solar.

Do I need a new roof?
In most cases a new roof isn’t necessary. Solar panels can even prolong the life of existing shingles since they protect the underlying shingles from the elements going forwards.
What happens if the power goes out?
If the power goes out in your area, systems tied to the grid go out as well. Adding a home battery can give you a limited amount of power to specific items within your home.
Can I store excess energy?

Excess energy produced by your solar panels during the day is sent to the utility grid and a kWh bank is created on your bill. You can pull from this bank back at night after the sun has gone down, or use it for future months to come. SCSP offers battery options for customers who would like to store some of their own energy as well in the event of power outages.